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Why is PDO Thread So Popular

DO Thread Treatment

Aging has pros and cons; one of the most noticeable and unwanted cons is wrinkling or sagging of the skin. PDO thread is one of the many medical cosmetic treatments that address those specific signs of aging. Find out what makes MINT (minimally invasive non-surgical thread) PDO threads so popular.

What is Mint PDO Threads?

Mint PDO thread lifts have effectively established themselves as a viable option for facelifts. They accomplish it without surgery, incisions, or a protracted recovery period, restoring the youthful facial appearance and reducing the indications of aging. The underlying tissues are repositioned by a mint PDO thread lift to soften your facial features, which lasts longer than dermal fillers but doesn’t require extensive surgery.

Mint PDO thread lifts have two functions: they operate to tighten the skin and stimulate the production of collagen directly. The PDO thread lift instantly lifts your skin and minimizes fine wrinkles by realigning the underlying tissues. After some time, PDO threads are eventually absorbed by the body and help to stimulate natural collagen to improve skin smoothness and elasticity over time.

A Mint PDO thread lift is a dissolvable suture made of “polydioxanone,” a complex sugar frequently used to close wounds and incisions during orthopedic and cardiovascular procedures. Medical aestheticians use this substance to lift the face and restore the appearance of youth.

Mint PDO Threads are Popular Because of the Many Benefits

Mint PDO threads are sought-after because of the many benefits they offer. What are those benefits? Keep reading and find out.

Treats Many Problems

The Mint PDO Threads procedure can address the following issues:

Fine lines and wrinkles: perhaps the most prominent sign of aging, fine lines and wrinkles are the primary reason people get Mint PDO thread lifts.

Sagging jowls: a lack of elasticity in the lower face’s skin causes saggy jowls. This lack of elasticity is primarily brought on by a decline in the body’s natural collagen production, which, though it can occur earlier, typically begins to appear in individuals in their late 30s or early 40s.

Neck area: the thought of getting a surgical lift around the neck area seems dangerous. But with Mint PDO threads, there is no cause for concern because the treatment is only minimally-invasive.

Eyelid: getting an eyelid lift is not easy. But with the Mint PDO threads, it can be done.

Nasolabial folds: common creases that develop along your inner cheeks are called nasolabial folds. They extend from the corners of your lips to the base of your nose.

Sagging skin: sagging skin due to loss of collagen anywhere on the body is easily treatable with the Mint PDO threads.

Works Instantly

Patients who get a PDO thread lift frequently observe that their skin looks raised immediately after the treatment. This instant improvement is caused by how tightly the PDO threads are woven and is rather noticeable. Lifting the skin can give you a more youthful appearance, which will only improve over the coming months as more collagen is created.

Delivers Natural-Looking Results

Patients can anticipate a natural-looking anti-aging result with PDO thread lifts since they promote the body’s creation of collagen over time, which produces results over time. 

Although you’ll notice the first results right away, it will take two to three months for them to start to show. Laxity and fine wrinkles will begin to fade as the inserted threads activate collagen during the wound-healing process.

Patients with a PDO thread lift frequently notice that their appearance has been renewed and revived. Most patients who select this operation prefer subtle changes over more prominent ones, such as those from a facelift, even if it might not be noticeable to someone who sees you every day.


Three different PDO threads can be employed during a treatment session. PDO screw threads, PDO cog threads, and PDO mono threads have distinct functions. You can combine several PDO thread types to get the best outcomes for your treatment.

PDO mono threads are most frequently utilized to promote the body’s average collagen production. The majority of PDO thread methods use these threads.

The neck and face features can be lifted and supported by a PDO cog thread. The best threads for enhancing skin laxity and minimizing jowls are those of this sort.

Finally, PDO screw threads are excellent for adding volume to the facial features that have been hollowed out. These are the best threads to use if you have hollows around your lips or skin’s indentations from volume loss. Dermal fillers and PDO screw threads can be combined to increase facial volume significantly.


A PDO thread lift is practical for those with hectic schedules because it is a non-surgical procedure that doesn’t call for lengthy recovery time. You can resume your duties or get back to work after a Mint PDO threads procedure because it doesn’t require downtime.

A thread lift frequently produces results that last a year or longer before a touch-up session is necessary. You can maintain a more youthful appearance over time by continuing to schedule PDO thread lifts, taking care of your skin with subsequent treatments, and using maintenance care.


PDO thread lifts can offer exceptional anti-aging advantages without requiring a protracted healing process as a non-surgical facelift substitute. Without major incisions, threads are introduced into the skin’s outermost layers.

Surgical facelifts might produce excellent outcomes as an alternative, but patients frequently need a few weeks to resume their everyday routines. When having a facelift, there is also a higher potential for complications.

Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the session. Only strenuous activities are prohibited. The procedure does not require general anesthesia or significant skin incisions.

Schedule a Mint PDO Thread Procedure with Sei Tu Bella Aesthetics

A non-invasive alternative to conventional facelifts is mint PDO threading. They restore the face’s youthful appearance and lessen the telltale indications of aging without operations, incisions, or prolonged downtime. A PDO thread lift softens your facial features similarly to dermal fillers without the risks of surgery by rearranging the underlying tissues.

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