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Neurotoxins Springhill

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Neurotoxins Trinity in Springhill

Discover the advantages of neurotoxins in Springhill, encompassing innovative treatments like Botox®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau®. These treatments temporarily inhibit specific muscle movements, effectively minimizing fine lines and wrinkles for a non-surgical solution to achieve a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Facial expressions over time can lead to permanent creases, but neurotoxins, such as Botox®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau®, relax underlying muscles, reducing or eliminating unwanted wrinkles and fine lines for up to four months. While these neurotoxins share a common mechanism of action, they differ in target areas and the number of required injections.

At Sei Tu Bella Aesthetics, we leverage neurotoxins to address various concerns, including forehead creases, crow’s feet, frown lines, bunny lines, eye wrinkles, vertical lip lines, gummy smiles, platysmal banding (bands in the neck), excessive sweating, TMJ, migraine headaches, and more.

At Sei Tu Bella Aesthetics, we use neurotoxins to address various concerns, including:

Whether you aim to enhance facial aesthetics or seek relief from specific conditions, neurotoxins offer a versatile solution. Schedule your appointment online or call Sei Tu Bella Aesthetics at 813-388-9468 to learn more about neurotoxins and how they can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Experience the tailored expertise at Sei Tu Bella Aesthetics, where our skilled practitioners customize neurotoxin treatments to address your unique aesthetic goals. Our clinic not only focuses on enhancing facial aesthetics but also offers relief from specific conditions such as excessive sweating, TMJ, and migraine headaches. With a commitment to providing a personalized and comfortable experience, we ensure that each injection is precisely administered for optimal results. Embrace the confidence that comes with a refreshed and revitalized appearance by choosing the neurotoxin expertise of Sei Tu Bella Aesthetics. Schedule your consultation today to explore how neurotoxins can bring about transformative enhancements tailored to your individual needs.


Neurotoxins reduce the activity of facial muscles, especially around the eyes and forehead, therefore preventing wrinkles. Through the use of these injections, these specific facial muscles are temporarily paralyzed for a few months, resulting in a relaxing effect on otherwise tense facial expressions.

Botox® – The effects can be seen within 10-14 days after treatment. Xeomin®- The effects are usually about 5-7 days for results to appear. Jeuveau® – The effects are usually seen between 3-4 days after injections. *Results vary from patient to patient.

In general, the effects of neurotoxins last from three to six months. Results will vary depending on which neuromodulator is used and the patient themselves, as no two people are alike.

The number of neuromodulator treatments you will need will depend on the type of neuromodulator you receive and your individual needs. Your injector will discuss this with you during your initial consultation.

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