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Experience the Pinnacle of Smooth Skin with Diolaze XL

Sei Tu Bella Aesthetics introduces Diolaze XL, the cutting-edge laser hair removal technology that paves the way for enduring hair-free skin. Our safe and gentle laser treatment employs DiolazeXL to achieve permanent hair removal effectively.

During the treatment, diode laser light penetrates the skin, targeting the hair follicles. This energy penetrates deep, heating the hair root and rendering it incapable of regrowth. DiolazeXL boasts the largest treatment spot, ensuring a swift and virtually painless experience. Recognized for its efficacy, patient comfort, and speed, Diolaze is a top-tier hair removal method.

Benefits of DiolazeXL Hair Removal include:

At Sei Tu Bella Aesthetics, DiolazeXL Hair Removal in Wesley Chapel is just one of the comprehensive treatments we offer. Call us today at (813) 388-9468  to discover more about our services and unlock the potential of the DiolazeXL Hair Removal system for a liberating, hair-free transformation!


As a result of the diode laser beam passing through the skin and heating the roots of the hair, it stunts future hair growth. Treatments usually last between 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the specific concern.

DiolazeXL targets melanin in the hair follicle using selective diode laser technology using chromophore technology while sparing the surrounding skin. It can therefore be used on people with even darker Fitzpatrick skin types. Consultation is required to determine eligibility.

A series of treatments are usually required with laser hair removal methods such as DiolazeXL. It takes four to six laser treatments to achieve the best results in reducing hair. Your number of sessions will vary based on your hair color, type, body area, and skin tone.

No. DiolazeXL treatments require no downtime or recovery.

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