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Pre and Post Care

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Pre/Post Morpheus 8 Treatment Instructions

Pre-treatment Instructions

-Topical retinoid therapy should be discontinued 2-4 days prior to treatment

-Avoid any prolonged exposure to the sun, if you must be in the sun use a zinc oxide sunscreen of at least SPF 30

-Avoid taking anticoagulants (aspirin, mobic, ibuprofen, naproxen) for one week if medical condition allows

-Arrive at your appointment with clean skin. There should be no lotion, makeup, perfume, powder, self-tanner, bath, or shower oil present on the skin to be treated.

-You will be given the opportunity to remove your make-up in the event this was not possible.

-Have all areas being treated shaved prior to the procedure

What to Expect

-Immediately after your treatment most patients will experience a clinical endpoint of erythema (redness) for 1-3 days, however, for more aggressive treatments this may last longer. Slight to moderate edema (swelling) and mild to moderate sunburn sensations are also common post-treatment and may last 1-3 days.

-Skin may crust and peel for 2-7 days depending on the treatment setting.

-Skin may feel warm and tighter than usual

-Skin may crust and peel for 3-7 days after treatment

– Redness and swelling may last for 3-4 days

-On more aggressive settings and deeper penetration (4mm-8mm) the healing time may be longer than previously discussed.

-You may have an acne breakout after the treatment, this is normal and often expected as the procedure can trigger a flare.

Post-treatment Instructions

-You can wash your face in the evening and morning immediately following your procedure and continue thereafter.

-SPF can be applied after 24 hours. We recommend our skin better Science tinted SPF as it is a flawless SPF that closely resembles makeup.

-Make-up is to be avoided for at least 24 hours however 72 hours is optimal.

-If your Morpheus treatment came with a skincare package, you can begin using the products at the 72-hour mark unless otherwise indicated.

-Retinoids may be used 5-7 days after treatment.

-There are no restrictions on bathing except to treat the skin gently and avoid scrubbing or trauma to the treated areas as if you had a sunburn.

-Avoid hot tubes, spas, lakes ext until; all redness has resolved.

-Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation (darker pigmentation).

You may not notice immediate results, in fact sometimes your skin may appear to get worse before it repairs and regenerates.This is normal and an expected outcome. You will notice results as your skin starts to heal and repair as well as long-term improvements in your skin as the weeks pass. The time for skin cell turnover is 28 days so most people will begin to see increased results after this time. This is also the time it takes to rebuild collagen and elastin. Results will take time to see but will be worth the wait. You will continue to build new collagen and elastic for up to 6 months.

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