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5 Amazing Chemical Peel Benefits You May Have Not Known

5 Amazing Chemical Peel Benefits You May Have Not Known

A chemical peel is not all that new in the dermatology scene. As the name suggests, it involves peeling off your skin layer to allow healthier skin cells to grow. But how does that benefit you exactly?

First, let’s get one thing straight, it’s entirely different from peel-off-masks that have become prominent these days. A chemical peel is administered in a professional environment by dermatologists.

chemical peel is a restorative skin procedure in which a dermatologist applies a chemical solution to the skin. Most of the time, the process is done on the face. It peels away the epidermis or the first layer of skin, giving room for skin regeneration. 

It can be done on its own or with other cosmetic products.

A chemical peel is categorized into three according to its strength or depth: light peel, medium peel, and deep peel. Each peel serves different skin issues with varying levels of acidity. The varying ingredients and the length of time it stays on your skin determine their depth.

Every category treats several skin issues. It’s wise to choose the chemical peel depth which treats your skin issues best.

Light Peel

The light chemical peel removes peels the outer layer of the skin. It does not go very deep into the skin and thus only treats minor skin issues. A light peel is effective with minimal side effects, and the risk of infection is really low. 

The chemicals used in a light peel are the least harsh, making recovery quick.

Side effects may include redness and light peeling. These may depend on your skin’s sensitivity, but they should be gone after a few days. 

You should have it three to five times for a comprehensive treatment. But again, this depends on the severity of the situation, although one light peel does not lack benefits.

Medium Peel

Medium chemical peel penetrates beyond the epidermis through the upper part of the next layer, the dermis. It is used to treat long-lasting issues on the skin. 

Since it works deeper, the recovery time is longer than with the light peel. Recovery time can take up to two weeks.

Side effects for this may include redness, swelling, peeling, and itchiness. Usually, these should be gone in a couple of weeks, but harsher and longer contact with these chemicals may prolong the side effects.

To get the most out of the procedure, have it multiple times until the desired effect is achieved and maintained. However, allow your skin to recover before exposing it to the chemicals again.

Deep Peel

If you have major skin issues you want to be treated with, your dermatologist may recommend the deep chemical peel. A deep peel comes with more obvious beneficial results but also higher risks.

The side effects of this procedure are more severe. They may include burning, throbbing, and swelling, and minor cysts may form. It has the highest risk of infection and the longest recovery time of at least three weeks. 

The dramatic effect means that follow-up procedures are unnecessary, but an appointment with the doctor is a must to monitor the healing.

5 Benefits of Chemical Peel

What makes chemical peel appealing is its many benefits to those who undergo it, especially when the risks are considerably decreased when done by an authorized medical and wellness institute. This article will look into the five benefits of chemical peel.

Brightens Skin Complexion

The most basic benefit of a light chemical peel is that it brightens skin complexion. One light peel is enough to remove the top layer of skin and allow new skin cells to regenerate. It can eliminate uneven skin tone or dark spots.

Dead skin cells are also peeled away, and the new skin that will surface will be smoother and clearer. This process gives a brighter skin effect.

Controls Acne Breakout and Rosacea

Are you the type of person who has been suffering acne breakouts for years? Chemical peel might be the solution you have never tried before.

Depending on the severity, light and medium peels may control acne breakout and the possibility of rosacea. With this skin issue undergoing one procedure is not enough. A follow-up peel is necessary to eliminate the problem totally and maintain the desired result.

Lightens Scars and Hyperpigmentation

If you have acquired acne scars or other blemishes throughout the years, this effect of medium chemical peel is very beneficial to you. Although the light peel is also helpful in this area, a medium peel is more effective.

Since the medium peel goes a little deeper than the light peel, it can lighten scars extending beyond the epidermis. A medium peel is also the procedure to treat hyperpigmentation which is the uneven skin tone caused by melasma, skin inflammation, or excess sun exposure.

Reduces Wrinkles

Why not try a light to deep peel if you want to reduce wrinkles? The deeper the wrinkle, the deeper the peel should be. Light peels should do for light wrinkles, but that is not to say deep peels will remove deep wrinkles altogether. 

Deep chemical peel only goes as far as the middle layer of the dermis. It cannot wholly eliminate deep wrinkles, but it certainly reduces them.

Prevents Precancerous Growth

Rough, dark skin patches are likely actinic keratoses caused by extreme sun exposure. It can be built up through the years and turn into skin cancer. A deep peel can remove this skin issue, therefore reducing the chances of skin cancer.

Your chosen aesthetic institute should provide you with the details of what to expect as you heal. They should inform you of the precautions and other relevant follow-up treatments to achieve the best results with the least possible side effects.

Last Words

These benefits vary for every skin type and the severity of skin issues. It is always advised to seek a professional opinion from your dermatologist to know which chemical peel is most beneficial to your skin. And when you get one, be ready for the results that will brighten your skin and your day.

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